Delicious Plant-Based Collagen Builder Coffee - Easy 2 minute recipe

PlantFusion's Nutritionist makes an easy delicious hot coffee drink that contains all the protein you need plus ingredients that specifically support your body's collagen building process.


Hi guys, I'm Colleen with PlantFusion and today I'm going to show you a simple way that you can combine your morning coffee with our collagen builder to make a smoothie this way you also get all your nutrients in and you don't have to drink multiple shakes or different drinks like a coffee and then a smoothie.


It's really simple.  All you really need is some coconut milk, some extra virgin coconut oil and then I like to include some spices like nutmeg or cinnamon and then we also have a coconut spice from Roaring Fork ( delicious.  It really adds a little boost of flavor and of course we have our coffee which I already have in our blender here.


So what I'm going to do is just add two scoops of our plant-based Collagen Builder protein (  I like mine in chocolate flavor to mix with the coffee then you're going add your coconut milk, a scoop or two of the coconut oil for creaminess, which makes it more like a latte.  The coconut oil digests very quickly and is burned as fuel, so that way you're getting extra energy.  It also helps with cognitive brain health.


Next is to put about a teaspoon for each seasoning and then just blend it together for a minute.  That’s it!  Very quick and easy.  A simple way to start your day with coffee in the morning but then you also your nutrients delivered quicker from the vegan Collagen Builder because the coffee acts as a natural vasodilator to improve blood flow. 


So there’s your delicious plant-based chocolate collagen coffee.  Enjoy!