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The Sorry Truth About Collagen Peptide Supplements—Revealed!


Most everyone enjoys a good mystery. We love a great novel or movie with plot twists and turns, suspicious characters and curious clues, all building to the dramatic conclusion and the surprise at the end. “Wow, didn’t see that coming.” A compelling mystery can be entertaining indeed, but in the supplement world, it can literally be a horror story.


Unfortunately, there is a disturbing trend emerging in the nutritional supplement industry. And that is the manufacture and marketing of collagen products. What’s wrong with collagen products, you might say? The better question is, what isn’t wrong with them?



What You Should Know Before You Buy Animal Collagen Supplements

Right now, irresponsible (to be polite) marketers are aggressively promoting truly disgusting products. Anyone concerned with purity and propriety would be aghast at what these so-called supplements actually contain.


Believe it or not, the vast majority of collagen products are made from a processed form of gelatin that is derived from the hides, skin, joints and bones of slaughtered animals.  These by-products, that would otherwise be discarded, are rendered into a “pink slime” utilizing heat and acid before they are converted into tablets, capsules and powders for your immediate consumption.   The processing methods used to do this are so harsh that the majority of the protein’s nutritional value is destroyed.  As a result, brands selling animal collagen peptides are forced to show “zero daily value” for the protein on their product labels in order to avoid lawsuits or government crackdown.  The true mystery here is………..why in the world would anyone knowingly ingest this garbage?

 Actual Collagen Product Label 

They Don’t Work Anyway!

The fact is, ingesting animal-based collagen products will not translate to producing more collagen in your body any more than eating brains will make you smarter.  It simply doesn’t work like that. And yet this category has grown in popularity in spite of having little to no scientific basis. The link below is from the European Food Safety Authority who tends to be far more thorough than the governing agencies here in the US.  They reviewed seven different studies on animal collagen peptides

 Click the image below to read the study!

The Panel concludes that a cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of collagen hydrolysate (peptides) and maintenance of joints


So it’s really no surprise that the companies selling this stuff rely on aggressive marketing campaigns to literally cram it down our throats.  Consider this: The raw ingredient cost for these animal collagen products is so low that the $40-50 per bottle being charged to the consumer is almost pure profit.  This allows a significant amount of money to be spent on advertising.  So, in effect, the consumer is unknowingly paying for marketing deliberately meant to sell them a product that doesn’t work.  It’s a situation that we find offensive.


Perhaps worst of all, these products amount to yet another assault on the precious animal kingdom. When will we realize that animals are deserving of much greater dignity and respect. Really, how much more can our planet withstand? When will the supplement industry finally realize how critical it is that we stop using animals in products and turn the corner to more plant based solutions. When will this happen? As a matter of fact, right now!



Changing Course—Introducing the First Ever Vegan Collagen Builder

PlantFusion’s new Complete Plant Collagen Builder actually fuels your body’s own natural ability to produce collagen.  This remarkable formula works in three distinct but equally important ways.  It builds collagen with a blend of plant proteins, amino acids (proline and glycine), plus amla fruit extract.  It also hydrates collagen with a plant-based oil called Ceramocides®.  Lastly, it protects collagen with an extract of white tea called OxyPhyte®, plus hyaluronic acid.  In all, this unique product’s ingredient profile collectively contributes to the complex process of collagen production in your body. Basically, this makes Complete Plant Collagen Builder different from everything else on the market.


This means that you no longer have to wonder what’s in those other collagen products, or if there’s a better, plant-based collagen solution. In other words, mystery solved!




It’s About Fitness, Nutrition…and our Future!

As you know, plant based foods and nutrients are the most prolific, life-giving sources of health and nutrition available on this great green earth. Every day researchers are discovering new and amazing compounds and benefits derived from plants. Not animals—plants! It turns out your grandma was right when she said, “eat your fruits and vegetables.” Well, she’d be happy to learn that you are following through with that thought by also choosing plant based supplements. And when the goal is collagen enhancement, no other product of its kind today provides the purity, quality and results of PlantFusion’s Complete Plant Collagen Builder. Nothing satisfies more than knowing you are doing the right thing, trusting the product you are taking, while at the same time, improving your well being, strengthening your body and looking very very good.



Once You Get It, You’ll Love It

Flavor, flavor, flavor. This innovative, natural, vegan, non-GMO, collagen-enhancer doesn’t begin and end with the resounding results you’re sure to get. In fact, PlantFusion has developed a unique flavoring method of blending natural whole food ingredients, with natural, organic sweeteners, flavors and texture enhancements, called Flavor Pure™. The result is a supremely delicious recipe that is sure to satisfy. Try it alone in a frosty shake or add it to foods or smoothies. Complete Plant Collagen Builder is now available in naturally delicious Vanilla and Chocolate, and also Natural flavor.


To get more information or learn about the specific ingredients, (Click here)


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