“One day, I looked in the mirror and knew it was time to ditch the dad bod.”

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Dave is just like any other dad of a certain age. With every birthday, it simply got harder to keep the weight off. His clothes stopped fitting right. He got winded walking up a few flights of stairs. And on top of all of that, he’s juggling all the obligations of being a working parent.

Getting back on track takes discipline, exercise, and a better diet. And that’s exactly what Dave’s getting with the help of PlantFusion’s Complete Lean. It’s why he’s proud to be Full of Crop.

Full of

Eating right is hard when you feel hungry. Because hungry leads to snacking. And snacking leads to…well, usually nothing good. That’s why every serving of PlantFusion Complete Lean contains 21 grams of a unique protein called EcoLean™. EcoLean is sourced from a European variety of yellow pea that has been shown to curb hunger 35% better than whey protein.

This protein is surrounded by 20 superfoods that help sustain energy, plus a blend of nutrients to help support healthy blood sugar. By nourishing rather than restricting good nutrition, Complete Lean will help you manage hunger while you power through your workday, your exercise regimen, and your busy life. We like to say it puts the “Full” in Full of Crop!


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