The One Secret Ingredient
That Makes Inspire
the Best Protein Powder for Weight loss

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Why Women Need

More Than Just Plain Protein


Whether they are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just maintain good health, women need more than just a plain protein powder.


A woman’s hormone balance affects metabolism and energy levels, her nutrient demands for bone health are higher, and her digestive system assimilates foods differently.


That's why our Inspire - a Plant Protein for Women has been optimized just for women and contains a powerful ingredient that can help women achieve their fitness goals faster and better and is the best protein for women's weight loss.



Out of a survey of 2,000 women... 47% say hormones have negatively affected their well being -NY Post


The best plant-based, vegan protein powder for active women with unique ingredients to support hormonal balance, energy and metabolism

Whether you are looking for a protein powder for muscle gain, a protein powder for weight loss, a protein powder for more energy, or a delicious meal replacement protein shake, Inspire is the best vegan protein powder for women.

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