Fast Fats™ Refresher

Fast-acting fats from MCTs, electrolytes and botanicals for enhanced mental and physical energy with a light and refreshing taste.
What happens when you cross a keto-friendly shake with a sports drink? . . . Fast Fats™ Refresher.
Whether you’re trying to follow a clean keto diet or just want to replace some of the processed carbs and sugar in your diet with good fats for energy, there is nothing easier or more delicious than Fast Fats™ Refresher. Each serving contains 10 grams of a special type of MCT oil from coconut that is particularly high in C8 caprylic acid. Caprylic acid is the part of MCT oil most responsible for ketone-boosting energy. This potent form of good fats is then blended into a light refreshing beverage with amino acids, enzymes, and electrolytes that all help further boost mental energy and focus. The end result is a delicious, hydrating, keto-friendly supplement that will fuel both mind and body throughout the day.


  • Fast Keto Energy – (C8) Caprylic Acid from MCT enters the blood quickly. This healthy keto fat boosts blood ketone levels fast, providing the brain with Fast energy.
  • Fat Shuttle Optimizer – key amino acids and enzymes help shuttle the C8 caprylic acid and other nutrients across the blood-brain barrier for fast absorption and immediate effect.
  • Plant-Based Electrolytes – from nutrient dense plants like guava, sesbania, amla and holy basil, in a base of coconut water powder.
  • The Best Tasting Keto Drink – add either of the two delicious flavors to your water bottle for a thirst-quenching, ketone-boosting energy lift.
  • No Bad Stuff - this plant-based keto shake is gluten free, dairy free, and soy free. It’s Vegan and Non-GMO certified. And no sugar or artificial colors or flavors.