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*Get $5 back in your sample kit!  Each kit contains a $5 coupon redeemable for any full size product at participating retail stores.


PlantFusion Complete Plant Protein - 3 Flavor Sample Pack + $5 Coupon (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cookies N Crème).  

  • The best tasting plant-based protein available!  Until now, most raw plant-based shakes were chalky and grainy.
  • 21 grams of non-dairy protein that compares to whey protein in amino acid density and balance.  Perfect for muscle energy, managing appetite, and overall recovery from exercise and daily stress.
  • Free of allergens like gluten, dairy, and soy which can bog down your immune system and deplete your energy levels.

PlantFusion Organic with Fermented Foods - 2 Flavor Sample Pack + $5 Coupon (Vanilla and Chocolate)

  • The best tasting Organic protein available.  Does not contain rice protein which is grainy and chalky
  • Includes a proprietary Fermented Foods blend, containing natural probiotics and enzymes which improve protein absorption and aid in digestion
  • The cleanest protein source available – Organic, non-GMO, No Sugar, No Dairy, No Gluten, & No Soy

PlantFusion Phood - 2 Flavor Sample Pack + $5 Coupon (Vanilla and Chocolate/Caramel)

  • Phood contains PlantFusion Protein along with 7 other complete nutritional supplements, making it a complete nutritional program in one each shake.
  • Compared to any other sugar-free shake, Phood has more than DOUBLE the vitamins, omega fats, and superfoods.
  • Made with organic ingredients, including all of our vitamins/minerals, which are sourced 100% from natural plant sources.  No synthetic ingredients.

PlantFusion LEAN – 2 Flavor Sample Pack + $5 Coupon (Vanilla and Chocolate Brownie)

  • Contains 21g of protein that includes a unique source known as EcoLean.™ The only plant protein with a clinical study to show that it curbs hunger better than whey.
  • 20 different organic/wild harvested superfoods provide a surge of nutrients for sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Each serving contains 9g of soluble prebiotic fiber, banaba leaf and a patented form of chromium to manage blood sugar and prevent sugar crash.

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