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The phrase "beauty is not only skin deep" might have a different meaning than you thought it did... Join us to find out more about the lifecycle our skin goes through, and how collagen is more than just surface level.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Plant-based secrets to heal your skin from within
  • Which factors could be speeding up your skins aging process
  • The science behind PlantFusion's Collagen Beauty formula

Featured Speakers

Becky Reece, Trainer & Coach

Becky Reece is an educator, functional medicine health coach, and athletic trainer who is passionate about helping others optimize their wellness.
Always living on the cutting edge of the science of epigenetics and longevity, she has created hundreds of personalized nutrition, exercise and wellness programs for individuals, groups, and businesses in the last 8 years.
Becky is pleased to work with PlantFusion and speak passionately about the benefits of their products.