Complete Nutrition Bundle

  • Complete Protein 1lb - Creamy Vanilla Bean
  • Complete Protein 1lb- Rich Chocolate
  • Vegan Calcium - with Magnesium, D3 & K2 to support bone density and strength

"I love using Plant Fusions complete protein to make exciting new recipes packed with protein. Part of my health is also taking Plant Fusion's vegan vitamins and supplements. Iron, and Calcium are instrumental in keeping my body happy and healthy!" -Anoushka P.

Muscle & Recovery Bundle

  • Complete Lean 1lb - Chocolate Brownie
  • Complete Lean 1lb - Creamy Vanilla Bean
  • Vegan Vitamin B12 to support healthy energy levels.

"As a Personal Trainer, I'm creating a detailed fitness and nutrition plan for myself in order to hit my goals. I'II be implementing key supplements to help boost my recovery and elevate my mental state.A mixture of whole foods, and PlantFusion supplements are key to me reaching those goals!" - Kyle L.

Hormone Balance Bundle

  • Inspire for Women - Creamy Vanilla Bean
  • Inspire for Women - Rich Chocolate
  • Vegan Ashwagandha Extract to enhance energy and mood by assisting in maintaining healthy cortisol levels

"I've been dealing with hormonal imbalances for years, and I am sick of it! To help achieve this goal I’ll be incorporating more adaptogens into my diet to reduce stress, improve my sleep, and increase my metabolism. I am not a huge snacker, so I always prefer protein that can be used as the base for a meal." -Katie J.