Two People, One Vision

Two founders who each grew up in their family owned health food stores more than 3,000 miles apart. While they never knew each other, they shared a common desire to help others live a healthier life through better nutrition. One created a popular chain of health food stores. The other, a leading nutritional innovation company. The two crossed paths and shared their frustration over the
many high priced products they saw using inferior “filler” ingredients like rice and soy.

These ingredients not only lacked nutritional quality, but also made the products taste terrible. They shared a vision that inspired a new brand of authentic products that would use only the most nutrient dense plant-based ingredients, free of major allergens and easy to digest. We would then turn those ingredients into a “fusion” of flavors, smells, and texture that would surprise and delight even the most ardent foodie!


The Purity Promise

The truth is that most nutritional supplements are not manufactured by the brands that sell them. The development and manufacturing is left to an anonymous 3rd party. At PlantFusion, our products are manufactured at our own USDA Organic certified facility in the USA. This ensures rigid ingredient selection, “open-nook” manufacturing processes, and a world-class testing protocol managed by our own internal laboratory.

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