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Great flavor and easy to digest.

Great non tasting flavor that has helped me increase my protein intake. I love how easy it is to blend in a morning smoothie for preworkout to just adding it to my overnight oats. Highly recommend.

Will purchase again.

I am not a vitamin expert. However, I know that intent to purchase mens multi again. My expensive multi vitamin just got replaced by PlantFusion.
So thank you PlantFusion.

The best plant protein I have had and I have tried many.

Too much sweetener

While I do like the green ingredient profile, I don’t understand why this product has to be so sickeningly sweet from stevia. They really could use a fraction of that amount of sweetener. That’s one of the problems in this country. Manufacturers think that everything needs to be sweet. Your average health conscious person doesn’t want sweetened products. Stevia does have some negative effects and it acts as a diuretic. I won’t repurchase unless they come out with an unsafe version.

Over 15 years of using protein powers this is the best yet. I have been using it for a year now because it doesn't give the chalky powered taste most do and it is made of high quality nutrition ingredients. Try it I think you will like it


I love the Plant Fusion Fermented Greens for the amazing taste, quick & easy to mix into a shaker or into my mini bullet and no residue. Simple to take along on the road. It Simply makes each day Healthy & Simple, the way Life is to be experienced. Thank You All at Plant Fusion.

Not so sweet

Live the idea of fermented beets. However, didn’t work with my colitis. Can’t take

Great product

Mixes easily! Terrific taste. Doesn’t work with my pancolitis. Can’t take. Too much fermentation

Good Stuff!

Just a scoop in my blender with water and a 15gm carb gets me through breakfast. Does a great job in stabilizing my blood sugars as a T1D, and tastes pretty good too.

The best gift for the new year

The best New Year's gift for my mom and sister!!! I love this product and decided to give it to my family!! They are very happy. Because this protein is highly digestible and very tasty!!!

Great benefits, not so great taste

I wanted to love this but the taste was pretty bad.I’ve been getting the Complete Plant Protein in chocolate for years but this did not have the same taste. I am not a picky person when it comes to flavors. Maybe I’ll try adding a ton of peanut butter to mask it but I’ll probably won’t purchase this again.

Subscriber review

I currently have 2 can of the chocolate delivered every month. The subscription service is easy to manage. I am trying out the women’s Inspire and really like it. The texture is not gritty. I usually mix with my morning coffee for a tasty breakfast! I occasionally buy vanilla, to mix in fruit smoothies or with other flavors to change things up.

No more PMS weight gain/bloat

This protein powder really works to balance female hormones. I recently started using the Inspire women's protein powder again after I remembered having zero PMS and period weight gain/bloat when I added this to my smoothies. Before drinking Inspire, I could always count on my weight fluctuating 3-5 pounds during the PMS and period timeframe, but this completely stopped with adding Inspire to my diet.

That was back in 2020, and now I'm on my second day of drinking it again and it still works great! My temporary weight gain/bloat is gone and my weight is consistent with what it would be on a normal day, so I'm happy about that. Lately I've been drinking it as part of a hot Cocoa drink, and I love it!

I take 12 Oz sweetened vanilla almond milk + 1/2 scoop chocolate Inspire + 1 tablespoon of Equal Exchange organic hot cocoa mix. I mix it in the blender and then heat it on the stove. This makes a delicious drink and gives me the results I want. I do feel a bit of an energy boost when I make this, so I don't need a caffinated beverage on the days when I drink this.

Please keep making this protein mix forever!

greta in smoothies!

My family and I love your PlantFusion product. I use the complete protein chocolate in smoothies made of fruits and vegetables. It adds the perfect bit of flavor and my whole family loves my smoothies.

I love this protein powder for a quick shake with soy milk! It dissolves and mixes superbly. Helps me get the protein I need as a vegetarian and helps in my weight-loss journey. My only wish is for a tad richer chocolate flavor, but then, I really love dark chocolate. Maybe an additional version--dark fudge brownie?🤤

I love this protein powder so much! It has a fully developed by still light vanilla flavor that mixes well with pretty much anything! I use it in fruit smoothies to boost my protein intake to help with my weight-loss journey. I'm down 35 pounds overall so far. I know it's not a weight-loss product, but it helps keep me full and satisfied until the next mealtime.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This tastes to me more like candy than red velvet cake, but then I'm Southern and know the decadence of real red velvet cake.🤤 This isn't my favorite flavor (chocolate and vanilla are tied for fave), but thankfully, I bought only the smallest tub to try it. It's not bad in a strawberry-only smoothie. As are the other PlantFusion protein powders, it's very smooth and mixable. Superior product overall, just not the best flavor for my palate.

Definitely not for me.

I originally tried the vanilla, it was okay wasn’t my favorite. Thought I’d try the chocolate…. You can’t make chocolate gross. Well, unfortunately you can. I can’t get this to blend up nicely to be drinkable no matter how many times I shake it also the stevia aftertaste whoa nelly. As much as I want to like this due to the fact it doesn’t have a bunch of junk in it like other brands, I just can’t do it unfortunately, not for me.

BEST Powder

I love that you can get UNFLAVORED plant protein powder so I can sweeten it with fruit. I don't love the aftertaste of Stevia. This powder mixes easily with water and adds a smooth feeling to the drink.

Everything was there

This is my preferred protein powder. Mixes well and is very smooth.