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Awesome flavor and texture! Rich Chocolate and Vanilla are my favorites!


Tastes amazing and gets the job done . Also helps you balance things out !! DRINK IT


Great product..just wish they had more fkavors

Really good

Docking a star because it's too sweet. Everything else about it is wonderful, the texture is smooth for a plant based powder and it has the macro ratio I need. The only thing I world change is the amount of sweeteners added

Fantastic Flavor & Highest Quality Ingredients

SoTru / PlantFusion is the most Flavorful & Fermented Greens out there. Over and Above I could have imagined. And it mixes completely, no grit or residue left at the bottom of my shaker cup. Knowing my body is receiving the highest Nutrients from Plant Fusion is so important. Thank you!! And All The Best for Making a Great Product in Wellness.

Vitamin C

The tablets are so huge I can't swallow them. Broke one in half and it scraped my throat. Can't take them until I find a way to do it.

Best tasting Green superfood!

Been using for 2 months. feel great...

The best flavor

The complete protein organic vanilla Chai is my favorite. It terms of taste, texture and ingredients I think it's the best plantfusion has to offer. I've also tried complete lean in vanilla , complete protein in rich chocolate, cookies and cream and peptide protein in vanilla. My second favorite in terms of flavor and texture is the complete protein in creamy vanilla. 3rd favorite is protein peptides in vanilla. I'd say the complete lean is another great product in terms of its ingredients but the flavor isn't as appealing and it really thickens up the smoothie to the point where it's so thick, it doesn't move. I love plantfusion products.

Great Protein Powder

This is an easy way to get in extra protein throughout the day. Tastes good and easy on the stomach!


it is delicious !!! satiates well!! easy to digest!! removes the feeling of hunger!! the taste of chocolate is very good!! It’s my favorite

Excellent product

Can't get through my day without it!

Formula One Health

This is one of the best plant based proteins out there. I have recommended it to many of my clients who are looking to switch to more of a Plant based diet.


I use this in my daily smoothies and it tastes absolutely AMAZING! Not only that, it does not make my stomach hurt because it is vegan, and it keeps me full for quite a long time! I love love love this product, and honestly I feel like everyone needs to try it at least once.

New to this product!

I can feel the difference! It’s delicious in my AM smoothie or just mixed in my nut milk. At first, makes the digestive system a little more active, but it all evens out as I incorporated it into my daily diet.


I’ve been making smoothies with this product everyday and I got to say I’m so loving it and I can not wait to try some of your other stuff

Red Velvet is Amazing!!!!!

Plant Fusion is by far one of the best tasting protein supplements I have taken. I love that the amino acids are incorporated in eat shake! I highly recommend Plant Fusion🙌🏾

the best for the price!

I seriously love this protein powder! It has 21 g of protein in only one scoop! I've only seen 2 other brands that offer this much but with a higher price so this is definitely the best deal! Its also a plus that this tastes so good!!

Not bad

The vanilla tastes much better than the chocolate to me. It also doesn't dissolve well unless you put it in the blender. I've just started trying vegan protein powder, but this one is on my list.

Hands down, best plant based protein!

I absolutely love this protein, something I cannot be without. My husband and I are both triathletes, we train 2x per day, & use this protein to help us meet our protein macros daily, it does not upset the stomach, cause gas, bloating or acne like a lot of whey proteins. Highly recommend!

Best kept secret on the protein shake market. Please don’t ever change the formula!

I have tried MANY protein shake powders. This product is by far the BEST I have ever had. Highest protein and lowest carb content, and best flavor bar none, in my opinion. It produces a thick and creamy shake. I eat this and a protein bar every day for lunch. Love it and please don’t ever change the recipe! It’s perfect!

Best protein on market

I drink the Complete meal everyday since 2016. I love the new subscription plant fusion offers to make it simple with monthly supply.

I wish they had a plane chocolate without stevia

This is pretty good, but its very sweet for me. I wish they were able to produce a plane chocolate flavor with no stevia. I would get a 70 day supply of that one for sure.

Plant Fusion

I used it many years ago and now have come back to using it. The taste is better than the other vegan drinks I have tried. The chocolate is the best. Rich and smooth.


These vitamins help to be active!! I like the size of the tablet, it is small and there is no problem with swallowing. Thanks!!

Not bad

I had the chocolate and vanilla protein. I did not like the taste of the chocolate, but the vanilla was good and very frothy.