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Vegan Organic Vitamin D3
Carolyn Anderson

I love the benefits of D3 but it should be taken with K2 for better absorption. Plant Fusion does not off K2 nor a combination supplement of D3+K2.

Makes a difference!

I have arthritis in just about every joint - with a lot of issues with my spine, hips and hands. I have been taking Joint and Mobility Support for about 6 months now and it really helps with the pain and mobility. Definitely worth the money! This is also easy on the stomach, and no after taste.

Perfect Shake for Me

I drink an Inspire smoothie every morning with a cup of milk a cup of ice and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Not only does it fill be up for many hours, it has helped my digestion and the ashwaganda is definitely keeping me calm. I didn't realize until I ran out of my Inspire powder and was just eating cereal for breakfast for a month and I noticed I was much more on edge and I was also back to having a lot of digestion issues. Once I got back to drinking my smoothie everyday I was back on track.

Love It !!

Tastes absolutely great - i got the Natural (no stevia). I've taken other flavored protein powders from a lot of different vendors (esp the Whey proteins) and they sucked. I had to force it down. But this one from Plant Fusion (Natural) is a winner. It actually tastes like baby food - Farex (i think it was) that i used to have as a child.

Works for me!

I find this calcium tablet works well for me & it's not always easy to find a good, healthy vegan supplement!

Great for knee pain!

I have arthritis is my knees and it was starting to really affect my workouts. These have helped a lot! After a couple weeks I noticed a big improvement, I’ve been taking them for about 3 months now and my pain is pretty much gone. I originally purchased them from Amazon but the price went up considerably. I’m so glad I checked the website before giving up on them, I’d rather not have to give Amazon a cut anyway!

Clean product that actually helps me sleep!

I have trialed so many natural products to help me sleep when I occasionally need a little help. Complete Sleep Support is the only product that actually works. Love that it is vegan, clean, good quality ingredients.


This product tastes great and my energy level has drastically improved after a week of using it.

best vegan protein powder

I have been using Complete Meal since before the name change from "Phood". While the formula seems to have changed somewhat over the years, it is still the best vegan protein powder around. When I began replacing meals with shakes (about 10 yrs ago) I tried A LOT of different powders. Complete Meal is the best - all the nutrition I want without the aftertaste. Delicious and nutritious!

High Quality, Great Taste, Fair Price

I like the taste of the Vanilla Protein Powder. It's fine on its own, but also doesn't overpower the fruit flavors when I add it to my fruit smoothies.

Really appreciate quality products and plant fusion has never disappointed!!!better energy and fascia! Thank you for your integrity!!!

Great protein powder!

I’ve been using PlantFusion protein powder for years. The taste is great, and it easily dissolves.
I always add it to my smoothies.


I have taken the vegan plant based calcium for two years now. Doctor ordered me to take 1200 units a day. My daughter, a P.A. ,is happy that it is plant based. I am happy with product.

fits all of my needs

having been using this protein powder for a couple of years now and continues to be the only powder that I'm using. it has the right amount of nutritional profile and is not too sweet so that you can either drink as is or even as a smoothie with fruit. the price point is also correct for me.

Best Vegan Collagen

I've tried several vegan collagens and didn't like them for their taste and consistency. I fell in love with PlantFusion Collagen Builder (flavor Natural - No stevia). I drink it every morning before breakfast. Dilute it with warm water and don't add anything else.

Smooth Taste

Powder taste is delicious. Very mixable, costumer service is fabulous, my go to Protein Powder from now on

Tasty and filling

I've tried a good amount of other protein supplements and none compare to the taste of the Complete Protein - Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla. I look forward to my daily shake.

I don't really like it and do not want to purchase it again. Thank you

Elegant dessert!!

delicious collagen! good composition!! many full elements. Easily dissolves. The skin became clearer. Even my knees stopped cracking. I feel so much better!!

This is the best protein!!!

I love this protein, it dissolves easily and goes great with other meals. Quality protein for a good price!!


I received my order around 2 weeks ago and I love itt!! I have definitely noticed the change in my energy and focus!! I recommend it 100%

Came back to Plant Fusion

Looked to change protein powders; however, came back to Plant Fusion. It is the smoothest protein powder I've ever used. No chalky or gritty or lingering aftertaste.

Great protein powder, horrible customer service

They charge more than initially agreed upon when you do the subscription and they make it difficult to impossible to change your delivery settings. Customer service doesn’t reply to messages. I had to cancel my subscription.


Love the product

Hight quality protein for women

I've been using Planet Fusion Complete Protein for many years and recently tried the Inspire for Women protein powder. The vanilla flavor was delicious and the product has quality plant based ingredients. I make a protein shake every morning at 5 am. Indeed, the ultimate convenience food!