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Balancing energy, gallbladder and digestive issues!

I recently was having digestive issues and was told that my gallbladder was acting up and having digestive issues, no energy and overall felt awful. I cut out all dairy and started having Plant Protein shakes with fruit and vegetables during the morning and sometimes in the afternoon and just one simple vegetarian and fish meal a day. I definitely feel the cloud lifting, better digestion and a lot more energy.

Plant fusion

Plant fusion is my go to for 21 gms protein.
Very palatable. I get the vanilla . Easy to prepare.

Unsweetened - on a no sugar diet, so works great!

It's a very high quality plant protein powder. I still prefer Whey protein but went on a diet with my wife that removed all sugar/sweeteners and dairy, so this is perfect for the diet! I'll likely go back to whey protein at some point, but this the best I can find for now.

Complete Protein - Vegan Protein Powder
Carol Scott (

Love ythe protein powder. Not thrilled there is no scopp on jug. Never had this happen before

Smooth & Delicious!

I've tried at least six different vegan protein powders, and over ten whey powders in the past. I've been plant-based for about two years now, and I'm extremely happy that I found COMPLETE PROTEIN - VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER (chocolate). It's the best-tasting, easiest mixing, and most affordable protein powder. It's a really great value for the price and it will continue to be my favorite post-workout staple for as long as the quality and price remain consistent!
Not chalky or artificial tasting, mixes easily and quickly, and doesn't create that extremely annoying foam. You won't regret buying this!

Love P F protein!

I have tried different protein powders but couldn’t find any that agree with my difficulty to pleased stomach due to food allergies. Plant Fusion is the only one I’m able to tolerate. I really love this product.

I was very excited

I liked the ingredients, I like the company, but the powder did not live up to par. The chocolate was okay, but the vanilla I had to throw out. I don't think I will continue with this product.

I've tried so many. PF is the best!

Of all the numerous plant protein powders I've tried, PF is the overall most satisfying protein I've found. Great taste, texture, and plant food combination. I am always confident to tell people they should give it a try. I don't have a morning without it!

Liked the flavors

Tasted good and mixed in well. Didn’t realize they ‘natural flavors’ so won’t be purchasing any more.

Allergic to pea protein

I've become allergic to pea protein and can no longer digest your Plant Fusion protein drink

I am a 73 year old runner and this protein drink to keep me going… plus the ingredients are great and also helps with my gut health issues so lucky to find a protein drink that keeps me active.

Love it !!!

Amazing way to try the products and decide which is best for you !!! I ended up loving them all !!! Especially chocolate peptide and the vanilla collagen . So many clean beneficial ingredients Awesome , convenient and super affordable way to get in all your nutrients . Also impressed how fast the products arrived !

I have been using this product for years. Love it tastes very good.


Serendipity, such a joy to get the unexpected results,
Especially in the climate that we live in

The Best Quality Vitamin C I Could Find

Wanted a high-dose Vitamin C that is 100% plant-based and had a full spectrum of bioflavonoids. PlantFusion is the only one that has it all. Love it!

Love this stuff

Best tasting protein ever. I have tried many and none compare. Wish it was back on Amazon ion Vanilla. No hunger for hours you got it right.

Tastes Good!

Tried the sample packets. Definitely liked the chocolate the best, but they are both good.

Best vegan option I've found

I see that a lot of ppl complain about the size and the directions say to take three daily. Here's a tip: your supplements are best taken over the course of a day, so I divide the three pills into one at breakfast, one at lunch, and one with dinner. Problem solved.

Recurring User

Excellent quality ingredients. Have tried cheaper products, but they all cannot compare. Thank you for continuing to make a stellar product.

Love It So Far!

I had been using another brand but I was growing tired of the coconut-y taste, and just wanted to try something new. I searched for a quite a bit until I decided to try Plantfusion, and I'm glad I did. Good value, fast shipping, but it's the super-fine texture of the powder that I'm digging-- mixes easily, both manually and in my bullet, and its mellow, just-enough vanilla flavor and slight sweetness enhances whatever fruit I add to my smoothie, instead of overpowering it

Plant-based supplement

When my ob/gyn suggested I add a calcium supplement, I immediately thought of Plant Fusion, a company I trust.

Great Product

Great product at a good price. I put in my coffee each morning instead of cream and sugar and it taste great. I also use it to cook with it in my pancakes or other sweet items with flour to add extra protein in what I eat!

Best tasting pea protein ever

Once a fan always a fan of this product.

Plant-based addition

These plant-based supplements are exactly what I need to help with my recently diagnosed osteoporosis. A great addition to my plant-based lifestyle.

Good Stuff!

I believe the folks at PlantFusion are on to something good! The vanilla bean Complete Protein is tasty, smooth and very vanilla(y).... really enjoy this stuff.