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Plant based calcium

I seem to be doing very well on these plant based calcium vitamins. They are a bit big but not as big as a vitamin c pill I take. They are no problem for me to swallow as some others have said. Great product!! Happy😁

my fav!!

been taking this the past 6 months, love love love, my favorite tasting protein

My digestive system didn’t like it

Great Product

Many companies produce calcium and Vitamin D, but this is the only company that goes the extra mile to include 3 additional vital minerals ( strontium, boron, Vitamin K) to actually make it a complete product. I also appreciate the high quality of ingredients, also not usually found in most products, along with what it does NOT contain. I must be very careful of soy. While it is higher priced than OTC products, I believe you get what you pay for and the cost matters MUCH less than quality. I have not been taking it long enough to have another bone density scan, but I am hopeful for better results in about 4 months.

I love this product. I gave 4 stars because I wish there was more in the container. This doesn’t even last for a whole month.

Too sweet

Thank you for the samples, I now know the chocolate & vanilla are both far too sweet for me. I'll stick with the natural no stevia flavor.

Big fan!

I've been using this greens powder every day for four months now. I can see the difference in my gut health and my energy in the morning. I drink it right in the morning with a little organic lemon juice and water. Love starting my mornings this way. Thanks for giving me a new, healthy morning habit!

Vegan Organic Vitamin D3
Laura Newsome
I tried this vitamin d I put into my fitness pal it registered no nutritional value at all!!

Terrible vitamin d no nutritional value at all registered it in my fitness pal app. No nutritional value

Easy consumption!

I find this product easy for consuming, no aftertaste no trouble with bowels and the price is reasonable.

Great multivitamin

Good organic products and a very good price.

Back for more

This is my second batch of the 5 Lbs Plant Fusion chocolate protein powder. The taste is great, as is its texture and mixability. I prepare it with my homemade oat milk, one banana, mixed berries and spinach. Keep the price reasonable and I will continue buying it.

I placed an order that had allowed me to put 20 packs in my cart for the 8$ shipping when I received my order it only had 2 packs. If I would have known this I would have not ordered.

Large pills

Pills too large for me. Please cancel auto ship. Thanks,

I've been trying different plant protein powders recently, and this is my favorite! The powder is so fine, so it's the least grainy powder I've tried. Vanilla bean is nice, and I'm looking forward to trying more flavors.

It’s super gift 🎁

my brother has been sick often lately, and I decided to give him vitamins, I chose these because I love this boend. These vitamins have an excellent composition. When he received the gift he was very happy, because it turned out he loved them too!!

Great price and quality

Good quality and price

Plant fusion rich chocolate protein

This is really the best protein mix I’ve ever tried. It mixes up smooth without a blender.
I will be continuing to order it again. Excellent product!

Great stuff! Mixes up like a milkshake and tastes like one too! But it’s healthy!! Love it!

Perfect vegan collagen powder

This is my favorite vegan collagen supplement. Love how it has no added sugar + it tastes fantastic. Very smooth texture. The sweetener choice is nice too. These sample packets are convenient and would be amazing for travel use.

Good taste, pretty easy to mix.

First time user

Excellent taste vanilla bean! It’s surprisingly good!

The Best Protein Out There!

PlantFusion is the smoothest protein powder I have ever had. The flavor is subtle, and works well in just water, or mixed with soymilk, banana, greens, hemp seeds, and berries.. The amino acid profile is ideal and the perfect compliment to my day as a vegan athlete.

Really good product

I recommend this vegan protein powder because it tastes great, easily dissolves in water, and I think it does help reduce hunger. I like that it's vegan. I have purchased other protein powders from other companies, and I like this one the best. I would recommend it.

Tastes great would repurchase .