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What are the unique features of Complete Lean? Designed to support weight loss, but there's more to this extraordinary formula than meets the eye. Learn about our secret ingredient EcoLean™, the clinically proven pea protein, and explore the groundbreaking EcoLean™, all while redefining your approach to holistic wellness.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Explore the unique features that set Complete Lean apart, from weight loss support to blood sugar management and easy digestion.
  • Uncover the science behind EcoLean™, a clinically proven pea protein.
  • Gain insights into the importance of the addition of superfoods, dietary fiber and more in your protein powder.

Featured Speakers

Emily Blumenshine, Student of Integrative Health and Part of the PlantFusion Team

Emily is a full-time student getting her Bachelor of Science in Integrative Healthcare and Nutrition. She is passionate about holistic healing through health promoting daily routines and is excited to share with you the benefits of PlantFusion.