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PlantFusion Vegan Protein Sample Packs

A Fusion of Premium Ingredients and Amazing Taste

There’s a reason why most protein shakes look and taste the same.

Most of them are all made the same way, using the same ingredients.

When we started PlantFusion, we made a choice to use better ingredients like yellow peas from northern hills of France and better flavors like vanilla bean from Madagascar. It turns out that these choices mattered because people noticed the difference. We continue to search the world for better ingredient choices that you will not find in any other product.

Try a free sample today - we know you'll love the delicious taste from these amazing ingredients!

PlantFusion Vegan Collagen Sample Packs

Plant-Based Collagen Peptides That Works

Protect the collagen you have and help build new collagen for health hair, skin, nails, and joints.

Complete Collagen Builder is a vegan collagen supplement with results you can see and feel in as little as three weeks!

It's the only plant collagen supplement that combines a high potency 18g plant protein together with a vegan collagen boosting blend that includes essential plant-based ceramide oils and hyaluronic acid that make up 35-40% of the natural oils that hydrate skin and joints.

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PlantFusion Complete Meal Sample Packs

A Completely Nourishing Vegan Meal Replacement Shake.

Complete Meal is one simple, everyday solution that will cover the nutritional gaps in your diet.

It contains the absolute best sources of protein, superfoods, omega fats, fiber, green foods, vitamins and minerals. We obsess over selecting the only highest quality ingredients and craft them into this simple and delicious plant based meal replacement shake.

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Free PlantFusion Complete Protein Sample Packs
(Vanilla & Chocolate)

Delicious vanilla & chocolate flavors of the world’s best tasting plant-based protein.​
  • Sustains Energy
  • Builds and Repairs Muscle
  • Easy to Digest
  • Naturally Delicious
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Free PlantFusion Collagen Builder Sample Packs
(2 Vanilla)

The world’s best-tasting plant-based triple action formula that builds, hydrates and protects collagen from within.​

  • Supports Radiant, Glowing Skin, and Stronger Hair, Skin & Nails​
  • Clinically Researched Plant Botanicals Increase Skin Hydration & Elasticity by +26%​
  • Taste Why Hundreds of Reviewers Give Collagen Builder 5 Stars!​

Customer Reviews

Based on 565 reviews
Complete Protein

Was very happy to be able to try the sample packs 1st. I preferred the chocolate over the vanilla, so I ordered the bigger size. Great way to start my day and keeps me full for hours. I actually feel more energized thru out the day as well😊

Sarah Weiss
Not bad

The vanilla tastes much better than the chocolate to me. It also doesn't dissolve well unless you put it in the blender. I've just started trying vegan protein powder, but this one is on my list.

Joseph Pope Jr
Not bad

I had the chocolate and vanilla protein. I did not like the taste of the chocolate, but the vanilla was good and very frothy.

Great product

I drink this in the morning to replace a meal. I find it tasty and filling. I mix with frozen blueberries, strawberries and water. Clean ingredients

Monette Paparotti
Morning breakfast

I received a sample of the complete protein in rich chocolate and creamy vanilla flavor and made smoothies for breakfast. I was impressed with the taste and how they sustained my hunger until lunch. I just placed an order for the large container because I plan on having more smoothies for breakfast.