Select Source Spotlight - Amla & Amazing Skin Benefits

We are in the peak of summer! That means vacations, picnics, swimming, and getting lots and lots of sunshine.  Some of us are still hoping for that even, sun-kissed looking glow that may make us just a bit less diligent with the sunblock.  Unfortunately, all this extra sun can come at a high cost.

Up to 80% of the natural signs of aging, such as wrinkles and uneven pigmentation, are caused by UV damage. (1)  Studies have shown how excessive sun exposure increases the degradation of skin’s two most important structural proteins, collagen and elastin. (2)

Saberry® is a powerful phytonutrient extract from the fruit of Indian gooseberries (Emblica officinalis) also known as amla. (3) Indian gooseberries have a long history of use for its adaptogenic properties. (4)  Amla has been shown to increase the body's resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.  Saberry® acts as a potent antioxidant containing a proprietary blend of beta-glucogallin and gallates. (5)   

Collagen is the scaffolding of the skin and its breakdown is associated with loss of firmness.  In validated research models, the powerful antioxidants in Saberry® demonstrated impressive protection against oxidative stress and decreased MMP-1 activity which is the primary enzyme that breaks down collagen.(4)  Fibroblasts are the factories in the skin that produce collagen and replenish the structural elements in the skin.  Another perk of amla extract is that in addition to increasing the activity of fibroblasts, it also may increase the number of the fibroblast factories in skin.  The net result is an increase in collagen for firmer, more elastic skin.  Saberry®’s dual action both prevents or slows the breakdown of existing collagen, and rebuilds collagen in places where it may already be lost. 

This natural ingredient uniquely works to decrease signs of aging and helps you gain control of collagen metabolism through inhibition of MMP-1.

In a category full of animal derived products, PlantFusionis dedicated to vegan beauty products that offer “complete nourishment” to protect and rebuild the critical structures of the skin.  Saberry® is non-GMO, kosher, Halal and allergen-free. (5)  Saberry® is in PlantFusion’s line of collagen building and beauty products, including Collagen Beauty and Collagen Builder.

Enjoy summer activities, but wear your sunscreen and protect to your skin with PlantFusion’s Saberry® infused collagen building products for total skin health. (3,4)  





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