Your Daily Protein Calculator

8/10 people fall short with their protein supplements for two reasons:


1. They don't know how much they should be taking, and how often

2.They struggle to make the product part of their daily routine


What ends up happening?


Modest results,

or no results at all


leading to quitting

A sense of failure

preventing future attempts

That ends now! Here's how:

Introducing our easy protein calculator, that helps you discover your ideal daily protein intake, so you get just the right amount of protein you need, when you need it.


Fitness Goal*
Activity Level*

Create Your Perfect Subscription

 Our Daily Protein Calc is the perfect tool to create a tailored subscription just for you,

with no more bottles piled up on the counter!


AND every PlantFusion subscription receives:


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*How We Calculate Your Recommended Daily Protein

First, we start with your height and weight and convert that to a rough BMI range. While BMI definitely isn't perfect as a measure of healthiness, especially for athletes or people with a lot of muscle, these ranges allow us to factor in body mass as part of our overall requiremest calculation.


Next, we use the activity level and goal you specifiy, along with the BMI range, to get a multiplier for protein that ranges between 1.2 and 1.6 grams of protein per kg of body weight. We multiply your weight times that multipier to get your recommended "Protein per Day". People who are sedentary will have a lower recommendation than people who are active, and people who are looking for the right amount of protein for muscle gain will have a higher recommendation than that of people who are looking for the right amount of protein for weight loss. We are using the "Optimal daily protein intake for adults" table on the Protein Intake page at which has a great explanation with references to the relevant supporting studies.


At PlantFusion, we don't think you should get all your daily protein intake from just our delicious vegan protein powder, so we put a cap our on recommendations as "Daily Protein from Plant Protein". Our thinking is that you shouldn't have more than 3 protein shakes a day and our plant-protein shakes have about 21g of protein per shake. So, we recommend 50% of your calculated "Protein per day" or 3 shakes at 21g, whichever is lower. From that we make our "Protein Servings per Day/Week" recommendation.


Finally, if you tell us which of our plant-protein products you are interested in and how many shakes/day you would like, we do the math to find the best value subscription for you. It should get you as close as possible to the servings you need each month, so you don't end up with multiple bottles stacked up on the counter.