Why Choose PlantFusion Mushooms + Protein over Four Sigmatic?

Discover why our mushroom + protein blend stands out from the rest

People love Four Sigmatic because it combines a plant protein with a mushroom supplement. We loved it too! So much that we wanted MORE.




So when we created our NEW Mushroom + Protein powder, we challenged ourselves to do better in all of these areas. Take a look at the chart below and decide if you agree.

See How We Stack Up Against Four Sigmatic

More Varieties of Mushrooms

Our commitment to quality means that we use a wider variety of mushrooms in our blend compared to others. From lion's mane to chaga, our blend boasts a rich spectrum of mushroom goodness that ensures you get a diverse range of nutrients in every serving

2x the Mushroomy Goodness

Our mushroom blend stands out by delivering double the amount of mushroom powder per serving. By prioritizing a higher concentration of these powerful ingredients, we ensure that you're not just getting more, but you're experiencing the heightened benefits of nature's finest.


We take pride in adding more adaptogens to our mushroom + protein blend than our competitors. Adaptogens like ashwagandha and turmeric, work to support your body's natural ability to manage stress, boost energy, and enhance mental clarity.

Why Customers Love our Mushrooms + Protein

PlantFusion’s Mushrooms+Protein brings together the best of mushroom supplements offering a unique combination of mushroom varieties, adaptogens and vegan protein powder. These powerful ingredients help boost your brain and mental state, while giving you sustainable energy that lasts throughout your day.


Every serving is also:

Certified Organic Goodness

Good for You, Good for the Earth. We believe that when you choose organic, you are not only prioritizing your health but also contributing to a healthier planet

Clean, Plant-Powered Protein

Unlike some competitors, we use only plant-based proteins in our blend, with no filler ingredients! Our plant-protein is not only delicious but also free of common allergens and no added sugars

Better for Your Belly!

Our digestive enzyme blend contains Maltase, Lipase and Bromelain which are known to help breakdown and digest protein, starch and fats. This can help improve your gut health, unlike other hard to digest protein powders.

Made from Whole Food Mushrooms

Our mushroom powder is made with fruiting bodies, which means a higher concentration of bioactive compounds like beta-glucans, triterpenes, and antioxidants. We combine this along with mycelium to offer a comprehensive nutrient profile, giving a more diverse range of vitamins and minerals.

Ready to Get Started?

"Most protein powders you find are only just that, but this mushroom protein powder contains so much more."

"I love that it’s organic and has so many mushroom types. I think this is the best protein powder I’ve ever had, way better than my husband’s muscle builder types!"

"It's fantastically delicious!!! I took the chocolate flavor, and my mother also started drinking it, because the taste and aroma are very pleasant. Very good composition, gives strength for the whole day!!"