Collagen How-To – An Insider’s Guide to Collagen Building

It is no surprise collagen supplements haven’t lost momentum and will continue to remain high on the popularity list, and for good reason. They’re remarkable because they can help you maintain skin health and a youthful appearance. Recently we shared the benefits of using plant based collagen-building supplements for skin, but we know you still have questions. Check out our quick tips and insider info that should help you kick off your collagen-building journey.


How do I know if I should choose a collagen supplement or a collagen-building supplement?


We already know that collagen is found only in animal proteins. So, generally the difference between a collagen supplement and a collagen-building supplement is that the former is derived from animal proteins and the latter is predominantly derived from plant proteins. But what are not so obvious are the benefits of collagen building supplements that go beyond that of just your basic collagen protein.

In an ideal world we’d have no stress, and no stress means there would be no breakdown of our body’s own collagen production. Unfortunately that’s just not the case. With so many outside environmental influences wreaking havoc on our skin, a natural collagen supplement that will help our body build more of its own natural collagen is something you can feel good about adding to your routine. Vegan collagen builders do more than the average collagen protein because they nourish your body’s own collagen creation process. And the best type of collagen your body can have is the collagen it creates on its own.


How do I use collagen-building supplements?


Whether you sip your collagen in the AM, PM, or throughout the entire day boils down to personal preference. Considering the versatility of collagen supplements, they’re convenient to enjoy nearly any time of the day. Pick one that has vegan collagen-building ingredients plus an added protein and this could easily replace your usual pre- and post-workout protein powder. Or ramp up your beauty by sipping on your collagen building beauty amplifier during your morning makeup routine.


How often can I take collagen supplements?


With collagen builders, once per day will yield optimal results, but you can have up to two servings. If you’re having trouble fitting collagen builders in to your routine on the daily - aim for every other day at the least.


What are some things to watch out for when it comes to collagen supplements?


Natural collagen protein supplements are convenient, so we understand the draw of using them frequently. However, you should be cognizant of the amount of protein you’re consuming in a day. The amount of protein your body needs each day depends on your lifestyle. If you’re concerned about fillers, animal by-products, and ingredients that cause inflammation found in animal based collagen supplements, you may be better off choosing a vegan collagen builder instead. Don’t just trust the manufacturer’s label – keep yourself informed by reading the ingredients and doing your due diligence, so you can be confident in what you’re putting in your body.


Any quick tips or hints when it comes to taking a collagen supplement?


Natural collagen building supplements have garnered so much popularity partly due to their versatility – try mixing a scoop of our plant based vegan Collagen Builder in to your morning brew (matcha and tea too!), sprinkle some of our Collagen Beauty in sparkling water to make a mock-tail, or blend a scoop in a smoothie for a tasty frozen beauty treat! 


Now that you’re familiar with collagen builder supplements and what’s available, you can determine how you’re going to incorporate them into your daily beauty routine. Nourish your skin from within -- order Collagen Builder and Collagen Beauty today!