Complete Plant Collagen Builder - Vegan Collagen Peptides

The world’s first plant-based triple action formula of vegan collagen powder that builds, hydrates and protects collagen.

A Fusion of Premium Ingredients and Amazing Taste

Complete Collagen Builder goes a step further than traditional collagen peptides by not only providing essential amino acid building blocks, but also contains critical nutrients that supplement natural collagen for healthy skin and joints.


We use natural plant-based ingredients that build, hydrate and protect healthy collagen in skin and hair. What started as the world’s first triple-action vegan collagen protein has become a new standard in clean, natural collagen supplements.

Key Benefits

  • Plant-Based Collagen
  • The world's first vegan collagen powder that builds, protects and hydrates your own collagen from within for healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints.
  • Vegan Collagen Supplement
  • Results you can see and feel in as little as three weeks with this vegan collagen peptides boosting formula that contains a proprietary fusion of Saberry fruit extract, amino acids, and white tea extract.
  • Two Supplements in One
  • The only plant collagen supplement that combines a high potency 18g plant protein together with a vegan collagen boosting blend that includes essential plant-based ceramide oils and hyaluronic acid that make up 35-40% of the natural oils that hydrate skin and joints.
  • Clinically Researched Plant Botanicals
  • Science-backed ingredients including OxyPhyte™ white tea extract, amino acids proline & glycine, and proteins from plants provide a complete solution, and a new standard in clean, vegan supplements.
  • Crafted Clean
  • PlantFusion Collagen Builder is certified Non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan-friendly and kosher. It is also free of gluten, soy, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors.
  • Easy-to-Use & Delicious
  • Drink as a shake, or add to your favorite daily beverage for the collagen experience that's right for you. We've developed a method for blending natural whole food ingredients for amazing taste and texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the PlantFusion® Amino Acid Infused Protein Blend in PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder?

The PlantFusion® Amino Acid Infused Proteinis a complete protein blend with naturally occurringaminoacids.Theproducthasatotalof 18gramsofprotein. Theeasily digestedpea protein is complimented with the finest organic, sprouted amaranth, sprouted quinoa, and whole algae protein. The result is a product that is an easily digested and highly- bioavailable nutrient source.

Is PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder easy on the stomach? Why?

Yes, PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builderis easy on the stomach. The shake is specifically designed to enhance digestion. The sources of protein and other ingredients are easilydigestedbythebody.Theproductis alsofortifiedwith a100mgblendofBromelainand Alpha-Galactosidase, which provides added support for the digestion, absorption, and bioavailability of all of the essential components.

Is the hyaluronic acid in PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder natural?

Yes. Although most hyaluronic acid is made from animal sources, the hyaluronic acid in PlantFusionCompletePlantCollagenBuilderismadefromnaturalplant-basedingredientswith a fermentation process, just like beer and yogurt.

Why do we include enzymes?

Enzymes,Bromelain, and Alpha-Galactosidaseassist with digestion.Most legumes (like peas) containstarchesthatcausebloatingandgasinmanypeople.Whilethesestarchesarenaturally separated from the proteins in PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builderduring its manufacturing processes, there still could be some trace amounts. Alpha-galactosidase breaks down the remaining traces of starch to ensure easy digestion in even the most sensitive GI tracts. Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme from pineapple, helps the body digest proteins.

How is Collagen Builder different from Collagen Peptides?

Collagen peptides are a low-grade form of protein. A by-product of meat production (the leftover hides and joints). Collagen Builders are very different. They are typically a blend of natural amino acids and botanical ingredients that influence your body's ability to produce collagen.

What is the source of sodium in PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder?

Thesodiumisnaturallyoccurringandisderivedfromourproprietaryblendofproteins and other ingredients. It’s approximately 17% of the daily value per serving.

How is PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder processed and formulated?

PlantFusionCompletePlantCollagenBuilderismadeupofmorethan15differentindividual ingredients and adheres to the “PlantFusion standards” which require that those ingredients be:




 Free of any harsh processing methods that might alter or destroy their nutritive value. In addition, there is a direct linkto the supplier of each ingredient to ensure traceability, consistency,andpotency.

Allergens/Testing/Certifications   ➤ 

Is PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free?

Yes,PlantFusionCompletePlantCollagenBuilderisfreeofallthemajorfoodallergens(milk, eggs, fish [e.g., bass, flounder, cod], Crustacean shellfish [e.g., crab, lobster, shrimp], tree nuts [e.g., almonds, walnuts, pecans], peanuts, wheat [gluten], and soybean) as identified in the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004.

Does PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder contain GMO (genetically modified) ingredients?

No,theingredientsusedtoformulate PlantFusionCompleteProteinCollagenBuilderhave beencarefullyselectedtoensurepurityandpotency. Ithasbeentestedandconfirmed tobe non-GMO, which is stated on the label.

Is PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder tested for heavy metals?

Yes, we conduct third-partytestingon all our PlantFusionproducts. There’s been awholelot ofattentionlatelyonheavymetals.Especiallywiththeproductsonthemarketthatcontainany type of brown rice. In the early development of PlantFusion, we found through our own research and testing that brown rice protein typically had levels of certain heavy metals (namely lead, arsenic and cadmium) that were many times higher than our other plant protein sources. Because of this, and a few other factors, we opted to remove brown rice from our formulas.

Does PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder have any certifications?

Yes,PlantFusionComplete Plant CollagenBuilderisproducedinafacilitythathasbeencertified as compliant with all Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) by NSF International, a world leader in third-party audits and certifications, and the Natural Products Association. The,animportantonline resourceforvegans.

How long can PlantFusion Complete Plant Collagen Builder be stored? What is its Best Used By date?

PlantFusionCompletePlantCollagenBuilderisformulatedsothatishasa BestUsedBydate of 36 monthsfromthetime ofitsmanufacture,providedthatitisin aclosed container.Adate code is printed at the bottom of the container to indicate the month and year (MM/YR) by when itisbestused.Forexample,ifthedatecode reads06/18,thatmeansthatthisproductis best used before June of 2018.

Customer Reviews

Based on 665 reviews

Good taste, easy to mix.


Good taste, pretty easy to mix.

Michael Golas
Excellent and Healthy

Have been vegan for 5 years and was trying cow-based collagen as I could not find any plant based collagen. They did not get rid of all my joint issues but when I found and began trying Plant Fusion's vegan version it has worked very well. I am impressed and have now become a dedicated user.

Good collagen powder

I enjoy this collagen powder. The vanilla taste is not too strong - just right. I have only been using it for a little while but hope in time it helps my hair and nails be healthier.



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