Select Source Spotlight - The Benefits of Adding Fiber to Your Diet

Is Fiber Really That Good for You?

Fiber has been traced back to foods enjoyed during ancient times in Greece. However, the understanding behind this plant-based nutrient is much more modern. In 1930, a now famed doctor created a popular breakfast cereal company when he realized the health benefits this nutrient had to offer. He found a way to add fiber to enriched cereal, and the attention on the super nutrient has yet to dwindle. Ever since, people look for ways to add more of it into their daily diets. Why? Well, because fiber truly is that good for you and your overall wellness.  

A long list of health benefits can explain the long, historical focus on this important nutrient. Other healthy food and wellness trends come and go, but for at least 90 years, fiber has dominated the health food space. Ensuring that your diet has enough in it each day is important. So, let's take a look at exactly how it can enhance your wellness - and where you can find it in foods and drinks, so you can easily into your daily meal plan.  

Fantastic Fiber 

Fiber has been recognized for decades as one of the most vital nutrients for overall wellness. But what is fiber, and what exactly does it do inside the body? 

Fiber is a nutrient that breaks down into two categories - soluble and insoluble. Soluble dissolves quickly in water, while insoluble does not. That means that once inside the body, insoluble retains shape, while soluble breaks down quickly. Both do important things for the body and have their own set of benefits to offer.  

Soluble fiber is recognized for its ability to decrease blood sugar levels and lower blood cholesterol. While insoluble fiber is responsible for expediting the process of getting food through the digestive system, helping you to stay regular. 

Also, fiber is credited with promoting good gut, heart, and bowel health. All while adding a boost of energy to your day by slowing down the release of glucose to the bloodstream - keeping you from feeling that mid-day burnout.  

Adding More Fiber to Your Diet! 


Fruits and vegetables are a great place to begin when looking to add any key nutrients to your diet. In this case, the top five fruits to add more dietary fiber into your meal plan are pears, strawberries, apples, avocados, and raspberries. Not only are these easy to incorporate into your daily life on the go, but they're filled with many nutrients to help keep you feeling your best. When it comes to vegetables, carrots, beets, artichokes, brussel sprouts, and kale are all filled with fiber! Each serving will help you to keep your body working at its prime. 

While fruits and vegetables are always the first choices when it comes to enhancing your diet, we know that most people are unable to eat their recommended daily value in one day, leaving gaps in their nutrition. There are plenty of other options to ensure that you're taking in the correct amount of fiber each day. From lentils to beans and even fortified cereals and snack bars, the options are plentiful. Because there are so many options in the grocery store, it can be tricky to know exactly which products will take the best care of your body and are made with ingredients you can trust. 

PlantFusion Protein + Fiber 


Here at PlantFusion, it's always been part of our mission to help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet - with ingredients you can recognize and depend on. Our team of experts has formulated a brand new product, PlantFusion Protein + Fiber that focuses on these goals. Through pairing protein with fiber, it is accessible and easy to incorporate this key nutrient into your daily meal plan. Plus, just like all PlantFusion products, we've made it with plant-based ingredients you recognize and can trust. Our Protein + Fiber is specially formulated to aid in gut health, anti-inflammatory support, and to sustain your energy all day long! 

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