2021 Nutritional Beauty Trends - Nourish from the Inside, Out

Natural beauty - feeling and looking good on the outside - has always started from within. In 2021, we all have a deeper appreciation for the things that make us feel our best, but of course, we still want to look our best. Nutritional beauty and skincare work together to reach both of these goals. This year, skin is in! And we’re diving into the nutritional beauty trends that tick all the boxes to build up your natural beauty, and protect your skin by improving overall wellness! 

We now know through science, that in order to have healthy skin, hair, and nails, these areas require nutrient support, either from the foods we eat or through additional supplementation. Absorption and delivery of nutrients are of equal importance. In order to have healthy hair, strong nails, and radiant skin, nutrients are required as a part of your natural beauty plan. Additional factors are involved, including absorption capabilities, blood flow, and circulation. Healthy blood flow is important for our vitality and is reflected in the way we look. Since the skin, hair, and nails are the last places to receive nutrients, maintaining good nutrition is an important contribution to overall wellness, and natural skincare and beauty. You can improve your skin from the inside out by eating a variety of nutritious foods and adding supportive supplements to your routine. 

Vitamin C

Over the past few years, this nutrient has received a lot of attention - and for good reason! Vitamin C does wonders for many different areas of the body. We all know it is consistently used to build the immune system, and often additional

boosts of Vitamin C are added to our daily routines when we begin to feel under the weather. It turns out Vitamin C can do so much more than just combat the common cold! 

This power-house is also known as ascorbic acid and is a key element in restorative processes within the body. It helps to grow and repair skin tissues and assists the body in natural collagen production, all of which have a major impact on elasticity in the skin. In fact, vitamin C is imperative to the healing process you see on your skin after damage like a cut or scrape. 

Vitamin C can be found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, strawberries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and of course, citrus fruit. If you don’t have the time in your day or the room in your stomach for a whole trove of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can get your vitamin C in our Vegan Complete Immune Support and Vegan Vitamin Complete C!

Dairy-free Diet

In the quest for clear skin, many find cutting out foods with dairy in them do wonders for their overall nutrition and skin health. This food group including butter, milk, cheese, and more increases oil production, which can lead to the clogging of pores, irritating the skin. 

In 2021, dairy-free plant-based options are on the rise! Simple swaps to products such as plant-based milk, frozen desserts, and even protein powders can have a positive impact on your nutritional beauty goals without too much change to the things you already enjoy in your diet! With creamy flavors such as red velvet cake, cookies and cream, rich chocolate, and more, our Complete Protein is sure to make it easier to reduce the dairy consumption in your daily meal plan. 

Vitamin A

If you struggle with dry skin, vitamin A could be the answer for you! Vitamin A

aids in natural moisturizing, keeping skin hydrated and refreshed. It does this through a process of normalizing skin cell function, which can add balanced moisture to both the epidermis and dermis, the top two layers of the skin. With cells functioning at their best, pigmentation and clarity also often improve. Bonus: vitamin A can impact strong hair growth as well through moisturizing the scalp, keeping hair growing, and healthy. 

Foods such as sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, peppers, and squash are all wonderful additions to your diet if you’re trying to boost your intake of vitamin A. However, many people struggle with getting their suggested daily amount of vitamin A, so a supplement can be a great option to make sure you’re getting the right amount for your body. This Vegan Complete Women’s One Daily Whole Food Multi blend can help you to reach your daily vitamin A goals and so much more! 


Every day, your skin faces challenges from the world around it. Elements like UV lights, pollution, and more impact the overall health of your skin. Ensuring that you have the right amount of zinc in your nutritional beauty plan is important because it naturally protects key elements in the skin - lipids and fibroblasts. 

More than just skin benefits, zinc plays a major role in hair tissue growth and repair! So if you’ve been looking to grow or strengthen your hair or nails, zinc should be your new go-to! 

Add zinc to your diet through beans, nuts, fortified cereal products, and whole grains. If you want to add more zinc to your meal prep, shake up any of our collagen beauty products for an easy morning drink! 


Dermaval™is an all-natural blend of fruit and vegetable concentrates full of antioxidants that work together to create elasticity in the skin. Dermaval™ also reduces the destruction of collagen and elastin and enhances antioxidant protection. This helps to actively protect the skin while reducing aging and skin harm from within. 

This revolutionary formula is new to the nutritional beauty market, but those amongst its’ first users have shared glowing reviews of how this potent blend has made all the difference in their skin. 

Always pioneers in plant-based nutrition, here at PlantFusion, we saw the benefits of this formula early on, so we added it to our entire Collagen Beauty line. Each product is full of nutrients to aid in the protection of your skin - Dermaval™ is just the cherry on top of these amazing formulas! 


It's no surprise that elderberry is trending in 2021. This small but powerful berry

is filled with antioxidants and vitamins that may help boost your immune system - but we all knew that! Now, in 2021, with a focus on healthy skin, elderberry will be seen as an enhancement to natural beauty. This nutritional powerhouse has been used to treat severe acne because of its combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Antioxidants help to reduce the signs of aging in the skin by correcting and preventing future skin damage. The anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce redness. So adding this supplement to your daily routine could help to protect your immune system and to bring about more youthful skin, all in one simple step! 


Fiber is always trending. It's an incredible dietary additive that can help with digestion and gut health. However, many don't know the incredible impacts fiber can have in looking your best. Fiber has anti-inflammatory properties and has been known to assist in the management of inflammatory issues with skin such as persistent rashes and acne. Because fiber is important to blood sugar regulation, it helps to slow insulin spikes, which left unregulated, can harm the way our skin looks and feels. 

Naturally fibrous fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, and broccoli are a great place to start more fiber to your day. If you're looking for a simpler way to add fiber, our new Protein + Fiber is one affordable supplement that can help you to reach your daily protein and fiber goals.  


If you’re looking for the best nutritional blend for skincare, look no further than

SkinAx2™, a featured ingredient in our Clear Skin Hydrator. In clinical studies, this potent combination of vitamins and minerals has been found to clarify skin while also reducing skin imperfections, boosting overall luminosity. (1) 

This blend of antioxidants, melon extracts, zinc, vitamin C and more has proven efficacious, as over 80% of users shared their satisfaction with adding this blend to their nutritional skincare routine. (1) 

As we learned, vitamin C is imperative for healing the skin, while antioxidants help to fight free radicals. The melon extracts in this blend have been shown to aid in cell regeneration and moisturization, while Zinc protects lipids and fibroblasts in the skin. Overall, this combination takes the best in skincare and puts it all into one, perfectly balanced blend to give your body a perfect formula for skin care. 

We hope this year, you achieve all of the wellness goals you’re striving toward and find that it helps you to better love the skin you’re in!


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