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Seven Questions You Should Ask Your Supplement Brand

Imagine you suddenly feel ill. Do you know if it's your supplements?

Red Velvet Holiday Smoothie

Get your smoothies in the holiday spirit with PlantFusion!

Beyond Probiotics – From Kombucha to Kimchi

Visit any local health food store, and you're bound to find a row of probiotics. What are they anyway?

More Nutrition in Fifteen Minutes, Than Most People Get All Day

How do you get more nutrition in fifteen minutes than most people get all day? From the newest diet fad?  Swallowing ...

The Ultimate Morning Boost – Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats

Holidays are stressful. Here's something to help you take care of you.

7 Holiday Eating Survival Tips

The holiday season is upon us. Will you need a new year's resolution?

90-Second Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie, by Playa Bowls

You won't find a more delicious seasonal smoothie...

“Love You So Matcha” – Ultimate Protein Energy Smoothie

Are you ready for “zen-like” energy?!

Part Superfruit, Part Sweetener – Lucuma is the “Gold of the Incas”

We all know sugar is bad. But how do you get sweet and healthy?

Fuel Your Keto Fire – What You Don’t Know About Plant-Based Super Fats

  What comes to mind when you hear the word fat? For many, it’s indiscriminately linked to obesity, heart disease, an...

Our Passion. Our Choice. Our Difference

For us, it all started with a passion...

The Importance of BCAA’s & Glutamine for Recovery – The Complete Story on Protein

Animal-sourced proteins aren't a great fit for everyone. But what are the other options?
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