Tune in Live June 13th @ 11am ET & June 15th @ 7pm ET

Discover the power of organic fermented superfood powders, carefully crafted to cleanse and alkalize your body, promoting optimal digestion, and increasing wellness and vitality. Learn how maintaining a healthy pH balance can support your overall well-being and how alkalizing greens can play a crucial role in achieving this balance.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of pH balance and its impact on our overall well-being
  • Signs your body could be out of balance and factors that could be contributing
  • The top superfoods your body needs to achieve pH balance

Featured Speakers

Kelsey Wyatt, certified herbalist and a part of the PlantFusion team.

She is passionate about achieving optimal health through the use of plant-based products, and is looking forward to the oppurtunity to speak about the benefits of PlantFusion.