Complete Protein - Vegan Protein Powder

21g of the world’s best tasting plant-based, vegan protein powder that sustains energy, builds and repairs muscle, and is easy to digest.

PlantFusion Complete Vegan Protein Powder:
A Fusion of Premium Ingredients and Amazing Taste
There’s a reason why most protein shakes look and taste the same. Most of them are all made the same way, using the same ingredients. When we started PlantFusion, we made a choice to use better ingredients like yellow peas from northern hills of France and better flavors like vanilla bean from Madagascar. It turns out that these choices mattered because people noticed the difference. We continue to search the world for better ingredient choices that you will not find in any other product.


  • Sustains Energy – packed with 21g of plant-based proteins including peas, artichokes, algae and organic superfoods, all hand-selected as part of our Select Source™ process.
  • Builds and Repairs Muscle – amino acid infused protein blend for complete balance. The only plant protein that compares to animal proteins like whey.
  • Easy to Digest – fortified with digestive enzymes and free of major allergens.
  • Naturally Delicious - our Flavor Pure™ blend of natural flavors and sweeteners allows us to consistently rank as one of the best tasting vegan protein shakes by consumers (see reviews).
  • Great for Vegans – our certified Vegan protein powder gives vegans the support you need with the taste you deserve.
  • No Bad Stuff! – certified Non-GMO and Gluten Free. As part of our Purity Promise™ we are also committed to being free of dairy, soy, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial flavors and colors.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 677 reviews
Good Stuff!

I believe the folks at PlantFusion are on to something good! The vanilla bean Complete Protein is tasty, smooth and very vanilla(y).... really enjoy this stuff.

Complete creamy vanilla awesome !

I'm so glad I purchased this product it is best tasting & is easy to mix. For my extreme workouts !


The best I've found. Easy to mix. Not chalky. Add crushed ice, frozen blueberries and maybe a half a banana. Or add cocoa powder and a few strawberries. My daily breakfast and a real treat.

Great tasting protein powder

Less carb protein suggested by my dietician. I live the various flavors available specially the red velvet cake.

Delicious plant based protein drink

This is a delicious plant based protein dink that also is filling and helps me keep caloric intake low.