Complete Lean - Vegan Protein Powder for Weight Loss

A fusion of plant-based whole food nutrients in a delicious vegan protein shake that curbs hunger and supports weight loss.
A LEAN Body is a Healthy Body
Most weight-loss programs focus on restricting calories. This means depriving your body of important nutrition, leaving you feeling weak and tired. Is it any wonder why people experience frustration and failure when trying to lose weight?

PlantFusion LEAN works in the opposite way by replenishing and energizing your body with a unique protein source called EcoLean™ clinically-tested to curb hunger. That protein is surrounded by twenty (20) superfoods to sustain energy, plus a blend of nutrients to help support healthy blood sugar. By nourishing rather than restricting good nutrition, PlantFusion LEAN will help you manage your hunger while powering through your workday, your exercise and your busy life.


  • Curbs Hunger – 21g of a unique protein called EcoLean™ that is sourced from a particular variety of yellow pea in Europe and was shown in scientific testing to curb hunger 35% better than whey.
  • Supports Blood Sugar – 9g of prebiotic fiber combined with chromium and banaba leaf assist in the breakdown of sugars and carbohydrates, making this a great protein powder for diabetics.
  • Easy to Digest – fortified with digestive enzymes and free of major allergens.
  • Naturally Delicious - our Flavor Pure™ blend of natural flavors and sweeteners allows us to consistently rank as one of the best tasting protein shakes by consumers (see reviews).
  • Great for Vegans – our certified Vegan protein powder gives vegans the support you need with the taste you deserve.
  • No Bad Stuff! – certified Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan. As part of our Purity Promise™ we are also committed to being free of dairy, soy, rice, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial flavors, and colors.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 179 reviews
Ariel Jackson
Love it!

I'm loving Complete Lean vegan protein powder for weight loss. Tasty flavor, curbs hunger, supports weight loss, and vegan. What more can I ask for!? Highly recommend.

Michaela Dunigan

Perfect flavor! Love it! Must buy when looking for protein!

Elizabeth Brand


Love this stuff

Best tasting protein ever. I have tried many and none compare. Wish it was back on Amazon ion Vanilla. No hunger for hours you got it right.


this is the BEST protein powder I've tried since I decided to limit milk/dairy products (6 years ago). the formula is so fluffy and thick but if im looking to thin it down I just add more milk and its not weird or slimy. honestly so dissapointed I didn't try this sooner! I tired so many other popular protein powders (Kos, huel, orgain, Vega, etc etc etc) no shade to those protein powders but we just didn't vibe. taste is excellent, mixes super well, and doesn't leave me bloated. this makes me so happy wow I'm so pleased